Dr. Mrs. Ngozi Onuzurike


Dr. Mrs. Onuzurike is the Medical Director at Porters House Eye Ltd. located in Lagos. A position she has held from June 2012 till now. Prior to founding Potters House Eye Clinic she worked briefly at Navy Hospital in Lagos as an Optometrist in 2006.

Dr. Mrs. Onuzurike is a Doctor of Optometry (OD) MNOA.  As a seasoned healthcare professional, she provides primary healthcare services through comprehensive eye examination to detect and treat eye diseases. Dr. Mrs. Onuzurike attended Abia State University, Eastern Nigeria where she studied Optology. She is a member of the Nigerian Medical Association of Nigeria.


Dr. Ngozi is an entrepreneur who has a knack for perfection. She has been able to grow a one-location small Porters House Eye Clinic to a growing medical organization presently located in 3 sites with modern eye testing machines and affiliation to global standards organizations.